Yavuz Tanyeri
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This artiele which deals with the relations between sports and art, is an experimental study. As known, both ofthem are influenced by the nature. The people belonging to di{ferent nations and having various cultures and languages communicate with one another through art and sports. Therefore, art and sports share a universal language. 80th professions require such common features as patience, interest, continuity and imagination. 80th sportsmen and artists krıow to endure the difflcultles of reaching the peak. The artist overcomes all such difflculties and negative aspects through his works and the sportsman overcomes them through his mee/als and records, thus they come to be of a high rank, privilege and respect in the society. 80th activities present an aesthetlc process to the society and meet people's needs for ambition and entertalnment. Also, both activities are indispensable to a country for its introduction and advertisement on the International agenda and for its universal affairs.

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