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Enderun, the interior formation of the palace, has begun format/on in the period of Yıldırım Beyazıt and this forming is completed especially in Edirne Palace in the period of Sultun II. Murat. Enderun is known as the biggest formation In the palace of the Ottoman Empire. In Enderun, which has its own academic perspective. a wide range of education from management to arts and science to service methods is given . The importance of this school is understood better when it is considered that sixty four sadrazams in the Ottoman history had their education in this school. In Enderun. seven sections named as rooms and wards served for education. During the education music is meticulously educated and young people who inherited predisposition in music are sent to meskhane (music school) to be educated as instrument players and singers. Music including janissary band was taught by virtuosos In the meskhane which was open until evening. The start of the revolutionary movements and the incorrect practice of some of these movements soon affected Enderun. lt is tried to make the education system to have European features and the inner formation of the Ottoman palace to be like European palaces but it was not successful. Enderun began to lose its importance during this period and closed after the Constitutional Monarchy in 1908.

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