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In this study called "Absurd Theatre", we aimed at, together with the def]nition of the word absurd, investigeting historical and artistic process which prepcıredground for this thearical movement and studying technicaJ and thematic features of this theatre. While the teıminologic definition of the word "absurd" puts light espedaJly on the inteJlectual basis of the theatre movement, it also includes the data conceming he origin of it when historical and artistic processes are handled. Besides this, the plays in Absurd generalization have been pointed out and "theoreticaf" one has been supported with the Mpractical" one. As the theatre of the absurd which reflects the comic and dramatic sides of man before the world has very thick thematic layers, it also puts forward its peculiar understanding in technical sense. Moreover, it can be claimed that this theatrical style is, in a sense, a short summary of the contemporary art with its technical and thematic characteristics. Besides being avant-garde, it is also one of the most prominent sources of post-anant-garde movement. We are in the opinion that Absurd theatre, which was nourished by socio-cultural, economic, political, ethical and artistic data of three hundred years ago, wiJl be effective in the coming centuries and be the source of the future artistic styles.

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