Kefe Yaylasında (Serinhisar-Denizli) Fonksiyon Değişikliğiyle Ortaya Çıkan Rekreasyonel Faaliyetler / Recreauonal Activuies Emerged As A Result Of Function Change On Kefe Plateau (Serinhisar-Denizli)

Bayram Çetin
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Function change and recreational activities
emerging on Kefe Plateau constitute the subject of
this study.
Kefe Plateau, which has been utilized as a
secondary plateau area according to the traditional
transhumance activities carried out so far in the
region, has improved to be a recreational activity
area getting out of this traditional function. Besides
the plateau's physical features, it has been
ascertained that in-house manufacturing industry
which has been carried out in Yatagan Town and the
migration from rural areas to towns are among the
causes ofthis function change.
It has been observed that recreational
activities have started on Kefe Plateau with the goal
of relaxation and entertainment and also that with
respect to these activities plateau houses being used
for seasonal relaxation have emerged.
Kefe Plateau where people come in order to
relax from Denizli and settlements around Actpayam
plain has been gaining the characteristics of a
relaxation and a tourism centre day by day and
accordingly some arrangements for accommodation
are under consideration.
In this sense, Kefe Plateau, which has
already undergone a recent change process, will turn
into a plateau settlement to be used all year round or
seasonal unless the social and economic dynamics
Key Words: Plateau, Function Change, Recreational Activte, Denizli.

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