Kaynak Tuzlalarına Bir Örnek: Aşkale Tuzlası/A Sample to Spring Saltpans: Askale Saltpan

Serkan Doğanay
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Askale saltpan, one of the spring saltpans in our
country, is located in Askale, Errurum. The saltpan which
is thought to be functional for more than a century is
about three kilometers west of Askale, in Karasu valley.
Gypseous series scattered Oil the hills in the South of
Karasu valley is the source ofthe salty water.
The rate ofproduction changes between 119-194
tons in the saltpan which is traditionally operated.
However, it is possible to increase the production to 1
000-1 500 tons when the maximumcapacity is attained.
The summer rains, the decrease in the flow of the spring
and the lack of refined salt production are the major
problems to solve. With the introduction of the project to
produce 5 000 tons of refined salt, the production will last
for the whole year. If this is achieved, Askale saltpan will
contribute more to the economic life ofthe region.
Key Words: Salt, Spring Salt, Saltpan

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