Doğal Bir Anıt: Akçalı Travertenleri (Van-Başkale)/Akçalı Travertenes (Van-Baskale): A Natural Monument

Süleyman Elmacı, Ramazan Sever
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It's known that some of the earth shapes which
becomes as a result of some tiaturel processes and draw
people's attention (Ire important nature! touristic sources.
Especially, a variety of earth shapes like naturel
monuments are formed at tnorpliodynamical process and
l'el)' rapidly occured karstic places. The travertines which
are karst accumulations are one ofthose formation.
One of the mini travertines which is similar to
Patnukkale is located at Akcal: village, in Baskale- Van.
The area of travertines is about 100 x 200 tn It has
extraordinary beauty and hundreds of old and new
stepped pools. In this area there about 10 wells an done
waterfall whose height is 7 tn.
The Akcal: travertines, explanied/described in
this study, far ([tvayfrom big city centres, difficult to visit
by car, not used for touristic purposes, is a karstic
formation. If Akcali travertines are considered with other
nat/rei touristic sources like Van Lake, Siiphan, Nemrut
and Cilo Mountains. It is fine that the Akcali travertines
will contribute to the economies of local cities and
country of Turkey. .
Keywords:Akcalt, karstic, travertine, tourism.

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