KARASU (FIRAT) HAVZASININ SU POTANSiYELİ VE DEĞERLENDİRİLMESİ / The Water Potantial of Karasu (Fırat) Basin and Its Evaluation

Halil Günek
1.572 428


The water as a vitial need in Life is also very
important for a country or region. The amount and regime
of the water is dependent upon the pltyscal fatures of the
region. The need in water is increased duo. to growing
industry and population. Further more, the transfer of the
water to far region becomes easy by developing
technology. These factors in return increase the usage but
also lead to pollution of water.
In this study, we investigated the potantial of the
Karasu river (the resource of the Firat) and evaluated the
physical factors effecting the charecter ofthe stream means
offlow valus.
The field of study is a techtonically compressed
region in the east of Turkey. The field was raised as a
result of compression on one hand and accumulation ofthe
Lava eruption one the other hand. The field has gained a
rough structure due to destruction by streams andfault.
The study consist of three main sections. Section
one descrides beifly the borders and general factures ofthe
field while in section two the quantitative valuse of the
stream and the factors effecting thes valuse have been
investigated. Additronaly, the variation in run of values by
the time have been analysed in order to defermine the risk
factors. The conclusion and suggestions have been given in
section three.
Key Words: Hydrography, Hydrology, stream.rain-flow,
Karasu, Erzurutn, Erzincan.

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