Elazığ Şehrinde Suçların Dağılışı ve Özellikleri/Crime Distribution and its Characteristics in Elazig City

Erdal Karakaş
1.557 518


Today, cutes both in the industrialized and
developing countries face to many problems such as
crimes. The crime, which has very different
characteristic, has been studied by various science
department such as sociology, law, economy,
criminology, geography etc. In these studies, different
type of crime research have been made according to
research subject and science section.
The data of the study were collected to examine
the relationships betwen crime distribution of Elazığ city
landuse from the police station records in 2001. it was
determined that there were many differences in the
distribution and the density of crime rate with respect to
the land use inside the city and central shopping area,
health and industrial regions were common criminal
The known of the time and place related
features of the crimes and its distribution and preferred
fields to be determined makes the struggle with it much
easier. In this study, the features of the crimes in Elazig
city , its distribution within the city and the factors
affecting that distribution have been studied

Key words: Elang, Crime, Crime distribution

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